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Adult Students


Wellspring offers effective online learning, customized curriculum, and LMS integration to help address learning and developmental needs. Every organization has its own unique challenges, culture, and strategic needs, which we address through our four-step approach to education and training.


In collaboration with your curriculum team, instructional design experts create and deploy research-backed content on any topic for any knowledge level.


We transform the learning environment into a fully customized and interactive space and platform. Integrated design features bring the course to life.


We host your course and content on a white-labeled platform, which includes a virtual community for collaboration. We handle customer service and e-commerce.


We evaluate the delivery, uptake, and effectiveness of your course with custom reporting and tools. Courses are frequently refined and optimized with the user in mind.

Program Design

Courses are written, designed, & deployed by our team of leading academic, online learning, and instructional design experts.

Lessons are delivered through a proprietary, proven, & effective, step-wise learning model for student comprehension & meaningful (and simple) in-school or at-home delivery.

1. DEFINE Concepts are defined and broken-down into easy-to-understand and relatable principles.

2. MODEL Concepts are observed and modeled via explainer videos, reflection activities, and discussions.

3. PRACTICE Concepts are practiced through interactive activities enabling recall, retention, and socialization.

Course Features

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Build and Development

Content Development

Content Creation

LMS Hosting

Research, write, and instructionally design advanced online, asynchronous, academic level-specific courses.

Create, direct, produce, caption, and edit custom explainer videos, activity videos, and hundreds of custom images.

Customized portal for unlimited users; platform hosting (and upkeep), portal design, and customer service.

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