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Our Assessments


Conflict Management Profile

The Conflict Management Profile assessment evaluates individual employee conflict styles and identifies potential areas of conflict within an organization. The assessment helps pinpoint potential sources of discord between team members and provides actionable insights to improve conflict resolution strategies.


The Happiness Culture

The Happiness Culture assessment is designed to evaluate a business's organizational culture with a focus on employee well-being and satisfaction. By analyzing employee development, wellness, and appreciation it provides valuable insights for management to enhance workplace contentment and productivity.


Proscan Personality Survey

The Proscan survey highlights four fundamental traits within employees, By pinpointing these cornerstone traits, the survey empowers companies to effectively position their employees for success within the organization.

Wellspring then compiles a comprehensive Teamscan, which is an in-depth analysis of the team's combined strengths and traits. This Teamscan serves as a strategic management playbook, guiding effective leadership strategies.



Effective conflict management increases team productivity and innovation, and attracts top talent. Our Conflict Resolution Training (CRT) program will provide participants with in depth feedback on their responses to conflict and how their behaviors influence their team. Participants will gain understanding about how to manage their emotions and communicate positive contributions when potential conflict scenarios arise. 


Wellspring’s Enterprise Profile and Development (EPD) is a comprehensive program that allows us to assess and determine top areas of conflict within an organization followed by a customized conflict resolution education and management plan. We identify the most common conflict scenarios through data analytics, industry-specific surveys, and interviews; using individual assessments, we determine each department’s profile as well as enterprise-wide conflict behavior trends and indicators.


Part of Wellspring’s human performance strategy includes PDP Global’s in depth Behavioral Assessment called the Proscan. It is our belief that when an individual understands their basic natural wiring and strengths, they are unleashed to be the best version of themselves and not try to be someone that they are not. Through our teams certified PDP Professional, we can do a deep dive on every individual in your organizations greatest natural talents and put together a comprehensive management report for you to best set them up for success. 

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