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Proactive school safety through social-emotional learning


- State Mandates -

Our programs are in alignment with mandates from over 30 states. Contact us for more information on your state's mandates and alignment for funding and compliance.

Wildlife High Mental Health Alignment:

- to spot signs of mental health conditions and substance abuse

- to get help when needed

- to deal with grief and trauma

Wildlife High Positive Relations Alignment:

- to maintain positive relationships with other students

- to resolve conflict

- to avoid bullying

Wellspring is at the leading edge of conflict management solutions. We have empowered and trained over 4,000
educators, community leaders and students to navigate conflict by curating customized experiential learning
courses with the overarching objectives of enabling individuals to predict and mitigate conflict, identify needs,
implement solutions, and improve cultures through proactive conflict management.

Redline Program

Our Redline Program is designed to deliver proactive conflict skills through a hybrid online and face-to-face model. Administrators, counselors, and teachers will learn practical skills for resolving highly emotional parent, student, and staff conflict. 

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Social Emotional Learning Program

Our SEL programmed is designed to teach kids coping, relational, and cognitive skills while limiting the amount of prep times for teachers and staff. Wildlife high is interactive, virtual, and equips your staff with the ability to deliver practical coping and emotional skills. 

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RedZone is a conflict resolution training program designed to equip coaches with the skills to predict and prevent conflict with parents, staff, and players. Redzone has been implemented in hundreds of districts, and is the most practical and enjoyable professional development training for your coaching staff. 

Mediation Certification

Wellspring Consulting began as a mediation and ADR company 20 years ago, and still provides the same high quality mediation training for districts across the country. The training meets all requirements for TMTR and certifies the district staff as a mediator of all civil court appointed cases. The model is developed as a train-the-trainer model, and gives the district a certified personnel to be the lightning rod for highly emotional conflict.

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