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Every Wellspring product is evidenced backed through scientific validation, and has been proven effective through our journey of empowering over 4,000 educators, community leaders, and students. Our products are strategically aligned with educational objectives to provide a comprehensive and targeted approach to improving conflict resolution in schools. Wellspring is at the leading edge of conflict management solutions nationwide, which is why conflict resolution is the back-bone of every one of our products. 


Character Building Curriculum

Our Character Building Curriculum is composed of three state-of-the-art grade-specific and age-appropriate programs. 


​WildLIFE High (K-5): An interactive, virtual program that empowers your staff with the ability to deliver practical coping, cognitive, and relational skills in the classroom. 


​Chase What Matters - Empower (6-8) & Impact (9-12): Chase What Matters is a series of character development content delivered through age-appropriate videos and activities. Topics are reframed and student-voiced to add meaning to complex social-emotional ideas. Chase What Matters content is split into two stand alone age based programs– Chase What Matters: Empower (grades 6-8) and Chase What Matters: Impact (grades 9-12).

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The Train-the-Trainer Mediation Certification Program is a comprehensive learning experience for educators, meeting state-mandated development and continuing education needs. It combines online and in-person methods to teach mediation and conflict skills. Completion earns a Texas-approved mediation certificate, allowing participants to mediate 504 disability cases and handle Tier 1-3 grievances. It equips district staff for in-house conflict resolution leadership, integrates with PBIS and support systems, and empowers effective mediation for teachers, students, and parents. Practical skills and role-plays impart valuable conflict management expertise, leading to State Certified Mediator status in Texas and 47 other states.

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Professional Development

Wellspring is at the leading edge of conflict management solutions. We have empowered and trained over 4,000 educators, community leaders and students to navigate conflict by curating customized experiential in person learning opportunities with the overarching objectives of enabling individuals to predict and mitigate conflict, identify needs, implement solutions, and improve cultures through proactive conflict management.

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Conflict Assessment and Training

Wellspring offers science-based assessments of what causes you the most stress. What situations are most likely to trigger an angry or agitated response from you and then trains you on how best to keep it from controlling you. We provide this for individuals and/or departments. Sharing (with permission) attributes which allow the team to function better and communicate in ways most effective to individual team members. When these programs are implemented, we have seen measurable improvements in the environment which translates into effectiveness and higher satisfaction. – with link to redline, redzone

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