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Business Consulting

Wellspring’s business consulting services focuses on our clients greatest issues and opportunities with an emphasis on human performance within each realm. Our consulting expertise includes strategy, marketing, organizational leadership & management, and sales. We provide deep, functional expertise in these various areas, but are known for our ability to accelerate human performance and corporate culture no matter the department or team. 

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While most consulting firms focus on Key Performance Indicators to evaluate the performance of business processes and objectives, Wellspring comes alongside its clientele in the building up of its Key Performance Personnel. While both KPIs and KPPs are critical, Wellspring prioritizes KPPs, recognizing that fostering key individuals' performance is fundamental to achieving sustained, long-term KPI growth within the organization.

Business Meeting

Why Human Performance Consulting?

Increased Profit Margins:

According to a Human Capital Management Institute report, companies that invest $1,500 or more per employee per year on training and development have 24% higher profit margins than companies that invest less.


Effective Talent Management ⇒ Improved Overall Performance

According to a February 2023 McKinsey study, companies with a dual focus on developing human capital and managing it well have a performance edge in three key ways:

1. Greater earnings resilience

2. Higher employee satisfaction rates

3. Better positioned to weather market volatility


Lower Employee Turnover:

A study by LinkedIn found that 94% of employees would stay with a company longer if it invested in their development.

Wellspring Expertise:

1. Creating Dynamic Employee Engagement

2. Building High Trust Leaders

3. Conflict Resolution- Prediction & Prevention

4. Creating a Unified Culture

5. Superior Talent Retention

6. Forging a Culture of Effective Communication

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