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WildLIFE High

Our program is designed to teach kids coping, relational, and cognitive skills. Wildlife high is interactive, virtual, and equips your staff with the ability to deliver practical coping and emotional skills. The program teaches students nine scientifically and theoretically supported skills necessary for positive youth development. These skills are delivered across three skill domains: (1) relational skills, (2) coping skills, and (3) cognitive skills. The implementation of the program is extremely teacher friendly with minimal prep time, and is completely customizable to your district. Through our HIPPA and COPA compliant software your district staff can track student progress and compliance.

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The character skills are delivered sequentially across the curriculum. Social challenges assigned based on student maturity, relevance, and social-emotional learning capacity.

Chase What Matters

Wellspring’s educational products are inspired by our late friend Bruce Hayes. Bruce began his teaching/coaching career in Japan in the 1980’s. He taught and coached around the world until the early 2000’s when he moved to Cinco Ranch Highschool to spend 20 years pouring his life into the kids in Katy, Texas. 


His love for students was evident in everything he did. In each of his classrooms, Bruce had the letters CWM prominently displayed encouraging his students to “chase what matters.” He constantly pushed them to not just memorize facts, or learn data, but to think critically and pursue things in life that are important, and to make an impact wherever you are.


Bruce’s hope each day was that he would be interrupted. That as he went about the business of teaching and coaching – a student would interrupt his day. Bruce knew that these interruptions were usually to discuss life and talk about important things. 


Wellspring’s goal is to provide tools for educators like Bruce, who love their students and strive to impart meaningful skills and knowledge to them, that will enrich their lives by teaching them to chase what matters.


Topics Covered

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Wellspring Learning Model

Wellsprings Character Education is delivered through a proven and effective, stepwise, learning model for student comprehension and meaningful classroom delivery.


The character skills and social challenges are introduced. And the step-by-step skill breakdown allows for greater comprehension.


The character skills are observed and modeled via various types of courses, reflection questions, activities, and discussions.


The character skills are practiced through peer engagement that enables greater recall, retention, and socialization.

For more information on our Character Development Programs, click on the PDF below.
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