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The CARES Act: $16.5 Billion of COVID-19 Stimulus Funds for Our Students

Dear Educators,

I wanted to reach out to you just to make you aware that the president just signed into law the bipartisan CARES ACT which is a historic $2.2 trillion package. Embedded in this new act are multiple funding streams to ensure that mental health is a priority during this period of fear, anxiety, and isolation.

Wellspring Education is a Social-Emotional Learning company who focuses primarily on safety, navigating conflict and overall well-being for students and staff. We understand that these are trying times as you work hard for your students to care, protect and teach them. The change to an online learning model in such a short time is something we would consider almost impossible if asked. At Wellspring Education, we want to do all we can to help during this transition. We would like to offer NO-COST ACCESS to our platform to your District for the remainder of this school year to help. More than ever, providing learning opportunities for our children while at home around compassion, empathy, social interaction and mental well-being is truly paramount.

At Wellspring Education we want to help! Our animated social emotional learning LMS is turnkey and includes all the lesson planning and resources for a quick and seamless integration for your teachers and their online curriculum. We also have a dashboard that will track usage for you as leaders.

We are in this fight with you and we're in it to win it! We are also working with several fortune 500 healthcare providers to develop coursework on our enterprise learning management system for the health care community and members of the department of social services on many topics including Social Isolation, Opioids and Viral Outbreaks.

Please feel free to click ENTER NEW DOMAIN HERE , scroll to the bottom and submit your information in the contact form and we will be in touch immediately to answer any questions you might have. We can have your team up and running within 24 hours.

Thank you for all your efforts and for putting kids first! It is amazing what all of you are doing for our children to provide them with the best possible educational experience. We appreciate you so much and please know that we will persevere through this and be better on the other side, thanks to your efforts!

-Wellspring Education Team

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